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Hi, I'm Dr. Cody Capeloto

Growing up, I watched my dad take medication after medication for back pain, allergies, heartburn and high blood pressure.

Despite taking hundreds of pills per year, these medications did not make him healthier, but instead led to more side effects, more medications, and made him feel hopeless.

Every person deserves health. It is my passion to help people find and fix the cause of their health problems, so that they may reach their God-given potential.
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You Shouldn't Live in Chronic Pain

Back pain is usually of varying degrees, ranging from shooting, stabbing pain to a dull ache. While back pain can go away on its own, it is a good idea to get chiropractic care. This ensures a faster recovery and proper diagnosis of the problem. Back pain can be caused by a number of different reasons.

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We Love Helping Patients Restore Their Health

Cathy C.

We love River City Wellness! Dr Peter and Cody and their staff are wonderful. Everyone is very welcoming and friendly and they take the time to get to know each of their patients. They are a very family friendly practice which we love! I’m pregnant with our second and have been getting adjusted all throughout my pregnancy. It’s helped tremendously with lower back pain and general back/hip discomfort! My 2 year old has also been getting weekly adjustments which has helped immensely with some limping he was experiencing due to his hips being off. Love all of the helpful resources that they provide us with as well. We highly recommend River City Wellness for everyone!


My 3 kids and I love our weekly chiropractor appointments. Not only are the adjustments amazing and targeted toward each one of our needs, but the staff are SO kind! Rachel and Hannah brighten my day with their genuine concern and compassion. Thank you all for being so wonderful!

Kaylee B.

I cannot recommend Dr. Peter and Dr. Cody enough. Not only have they helped me have the smoothest, pain free pregnancy, they’ve helped our kids as well. My daughter’s reflux has improved, my husband’s issues have gotten better. Recently I threw my back out and they went above and beyond in their care for me. What could have taken months to heal, has taken a week. I was instantly able to walk better after my first adjustment, and my inflammation had gone down 60 percent after the first day. River city wellness has core values of kindness and care for their clients and staff. It feels like a family when you go in! Every visit you are given such care and the doctors are so genuinely passionate about helping people get healthy and pain free!
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Frequently Asked Questions

What health issues can you help with?

At River City Wellness, we provide care for an array of different problems. Often, people seek our help with conditions such as: Asthma, Auto Accidents, Back Pain, Neck Pain, Bed-Wetting, Foot & Ankle Problems, Hand Problems, Headaches, Migraines, Personal Injury, Sports Injury, TMJ Disorders & more!

What Techniques are you trained in?

Dr. Cody Capeloto, Chiropractor Austin, is skilled in a number of adjusting techniques and will use what is most appropriate for your age and condition. These methods include Pettibon, CBP, Diversified, Sacro Occipital Technique®, Gonstead and Pierce.

Can you help children?

We focus on alleviating the stress that is placed on the spinal nerves. In turn, the nervous system function is enhanced, allowing for increased performance of the body and its organs. Children do not receive the same form of chiropractic care that adults get. Infants and babies receive care using just the pressure of the fingertips, usually while they are in a parent’s arms or lying on mom or dad’s chest. A gentle, noninvasive instrument is also used for adjustments on children.

Our proven methods have gotten our patients tremendous results!

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Chiropractic is safe at any age! We’re happy to welcome all ages at River City Wellness, from newborns to those in their 100s.

The human body is capable of healing on its own when proper alignment is restored with Corrective chiropractic, allowing your innate abilities to function at their greatest capacity.
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**Due to Federal Guidelines – Medicare & Medicaid recipients are not eligible for free or discounted offers**