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Chiropractors are your best companion when it comes to improving your overall wellness. They check up on you to make sure that you are at your best self. To ensure that you get the best possible treatment services, different types of chiropractors are out there. River City Wellness offers the Best Chiropractor in Austin. 

Types of Chiropractor and Why You Should Go to the Best Chiropractor Austin

People have their fair share of difficulties and other problems that need assistance. It is the same for chiropractors. Not all chiropractors are the same, and they have their specialization to ensure that your needs are being fulfilled. There are two types of chiropractors in Austin. These are the symptom relief chiropractors and traditional chiropractors.

Chiropractors in Austin vary greatly when it comes to the philosophy and technique that they are doing. The best chiropractor in Austin aims to meet all your demands and take proper care of your body. Dr. Cody Capeloto in Rock City Wellness is one of the right choices for chiropractic treatment services.

Basic Principles in Chiropractic Treatment

One of the critical principles in chiropractic treatment is simplicity. It ensures that you correctly get the best treatment services without any intimidation. Here are some of the philosophies of chiropractors that help them improve their profession. Note that chiropractors aim to maintain your optimal health naturally. 

The Nature of Health and Life

Having a genuine knowledge of health and life can help you assess and evaluate the condition of your patients. It enables you to connect every single detail and come up with better suitable treatment services.

Practice Paradigm

Chiropractic care treatment ensures musculoskeletal and neurological integrity. It focuses on relieving the pain, enhancing your overall physical performance, and minimizing potential surgery or medication problems. 

State of Ease

Every person's body has innate intelligence in expressing what it truly feels in a physical form. However, there are distractions because of disharmony, loss of function, and even vertebral subluxation. It is not a good thing for your body. Subluxation blocks the signals and transmission of information in your body. Chiropractic care ensures that the disruption of signals will be restored, and the communication within your body will be enhanced. 

Improving Health

Chiropractors aim to improve your health and not just to treat your body's symptoms. They assist you in recovering and improving your current health situation. They will provide some practical exercises that you can perform in improving your health. Your chiropractor will also advise an appropriate diet plan that promotes body wellness.

Different Types of Chiropractors

Chiropractors vary in the treatment that they do in your body. They primarily work to minimize subluxation in your body and ensure that your body is aligned correctly to improve your overall well-being. There are two types of chiropractors: symptom relief chiropractors and traditional or wellness chiropractors.

Symptom Relief Chiropractor or Musculoskeletal Chiropractor

Chiropractors in this field make sure that you get the best relief treatment services for your body. They do not focus on medication to relieve symptoms especially headaches, and back pain—River City Wellness with Dr. Cody Capeloto helps treat these conditions. 

Spinal manipulations are conducted, so your spine decompresses your joints. It reduces the pain that you are experiencing and frees you from fixations. It means your chiropractor will help you manage your overall health and ensure your faster recovery. One point to consider here is that your treatment varies on your condition. You do not need to worry much about the costs because your insurance policy can cover them. 

Your chiropractor will ensure that you are appropriately treated and make sure that you are on the right track. This chiropractic focuses on relieving you from symptoms like headaches, neck pain, and back pain. It also aims to reduce the pain that you are experiencing. Note that your chiropractor will manipulate your spine and joints to ensure that you are free from fixations in this process.

Another point to consider for a musculoskeletal chiropractor is that it uses modern technology in treating pain. Some examples that chiropractors use in treatments are diathermy, laser acupuncture, and ultrasound. It temporarily relieves you from pain. 

Wellness or Traditional Chiropractor

Traditional chiropractors help patients to feel better. They focus on removing the nerve interference in your body and aim to restructure your spine and posture. It applies pressure on your discs, nerves, and joints using spinal adjustments and posture correction and restoring it in its appropriate biomechanical position. 

Traditional chiropractors improve your ability and potential to function. To regulate this process, you will undergo some rehabilitation and spinal exercises. Note that the time needed for you to recover depends on the severity of your condition. That is why it is essential to manage your body well and understand the potential symptoms of the problem; if you are experiencing some irregularities in your body, a checkup or consultation is better before it's too late.

What is the difference between a Musculoskeletal chiropractor and a wellness chiropractor?

The primary difference between these two chiropractors is that musculoskeletal chiropractors focus on short-term pain relief. It addresses your condition and looks for an alternative solution to minimize the pain. At the same time, a wellness chiropractor is helping your body to heal. It aims to manage the pain and address it with proper methods or exercise. In general, they both work together to ensure that your condition is appropriately handled, and you will understand what your body truly needs.

Dr. Cody Capeloto in River City Wellness can assist you in managing the body pain that you are experiencing. It can be a perfect solution to your body pain and help you improve your overall wellness.


Chiropractic care is one of the widely used treatments for body pain. It goes directly to the root cause of the problem. It also educates you on the proper ways of handling your body, as well as the dos and don'ts. If you are looking for the best chiropractor in Austin, Dr. Cody Capeloto can assist you. He is handling the River City Wellness clinic, and he indeed addresses everybody, condition you have. Chiropractic care treatment services are non-invasive and one of the best treatments to treat your pain. 


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