The Effects of Neck Cracking Done by Chiropractors

Chiropractors are specialist body manipulators to maintain and restore your physique. They aim to improve your body and keep you healthy. One part of the controversies that chiropractors experience is neck cracking. It is one of the hot topics that people talked about, and there are different stories and myths about it. People are in doubt if neck cracking is safe, especially for patients suffering from pain. And people want to get from treatments is total recovery. 

But what totally happens when chiropractors perform neck cracking? The real thing about neck cracking is the chiropractors manipulate your cervical joints. They apply certain pressure making the patient and people hear a popping sound or crack. It happens because the quick motion pressure is applied in a particular area. 

Neck cracking aims to loosen your joints and ligaments. But, the cracking itself is not limited to the patient’s neck. Every joint you have can be cracked, as long as it is under proper and safe process. The common idea that people think when it comes to cracking is a start of a fight. When people crack a part of their body, it is a sign of warming up to prepare for a fight. It usually happens in specific parts of your lower back, ankles, and toes, especially their fingers and knuckles. 

What Causes the Popping Sound During Neck Cracking

Neck cracking sounds come with various reasons. Here are the three main reasons why your joints, especially your neck, crack or produce a popping sound.

  • Movements performed by the patient. Your joints move as you move, and these movements significantly affect your tendons and ligaments. Remember, your tendons and ligaments serve as fibers that connect your joints to your body muscles. Once you perform irregular movements like slightly beyond your usual pace or out of control, it will produce snapping sounds once your joints are restored to their original position. That is the reason why you hear noises as chiropractors perform manipulations. Moreover, the ligaments are also tightened when the joint moves are making it produce sounds. With neck cracking performed by chiropractors, you can improve your body condition and ensure that your joints are in proper places.
  • Arthritis. Once your cartilages losses their smoothness due to an illness, it can probably be caused by arthritis. It happens when your joints are affected, making them rougher and brittle. That is the reason why people hear noises as they move or stretch their bodies. You can prevent this from happening and maintain the smoothness of your joints. Prevent this with proper exercise, and it will minimize the chances of tightening your bones. 
  • Gas Escaping your Joints. Your joints have fluids that act as lubricants between your bones and tissues. The fluid is composed of carbon dioxide, oxygen, and nitrogen. And these fluids can be seen in every facet joint of a person or can be paired with other joints, making them form bubbles. Once you hear a popping sound as the chiropractor performs neck cracking, it is the air bubbles that have been popped with specific movements. 

Joint cracking is normal, but doing it on your own is not advisable. Cracking your neck when you feel certain discomfort and pain is dangerous. Remember that your body has nerves and blood vessels that can be disrupted or damage as you recklessly crack your neck. That is why you have chiropractors who assist you and help you with your discomfort and handling the pain. Chiropractors help you identify the problems that you are experiencing in your body. They assist you in relieving the pain by performing gentle body manipulation.

Bear in mind that neck cracking is just one of the treatments that chiropractors perform to relieve you from pain and stress. It is a cervical adjustment and manipulation technique that only a professional chiropractor can perform. They do this treatment because it is the best for your condition. However, they do not always perform this treatment, and they will carefully assess your situation first and know the tension areas before they crack the affected area.

What are the Benefits that you Can Get in Neck Cracking

Neck cracking comes with different benefits. It gives people certain peace of mind because everyone already experienced neck pain. One of the benefits of neck pain comes with relief from pain and soreness. It also realigns your joints and minimizes the pressure in your neck area. 

Neck manipulation comes with particular manipulation that either stretches or massages your soft tissue to position them correctly in your spine and for you to handle the pain well. And it will bring the best results if you equipped it with proper exercise. 

Chiropractors who perform neck manipulation helps you minimize the possibility of migraine, lower back pain, neck pain, and even joint conditions. However, it is essential to note that you must be sure with your chiropractor that will perform the manipulation once you choose this kind of treatment. 

You can also minimize problems by changing your lifestyles, like being mindful of the things you carry, especially your bags. You can also perform strengthening exercises and neck stretches to minimize the pressure and tension in your body. 

What are the Risks of Neck Cracking

Remember that neck cracking is dangerous, especially if it is not performed correctly. Using too much force to crack your neck can pinch your nerves which causes pain. It can also strain your muscles that prevent you from moving your neck. 

Take note that your neck is one of the essential parts of your body. It is the home of essential blood vessels that maintain the overall stability and mobility of your body. Once you put too much tension or pressure on your neck, it can lead to blood clotting that is extremely dangerous because it blocks your brain’s blood flow. It can also lead to stroke because of the damage it can cause to the vertebral artery. Lack of mobility can also be a risk of neck cracking once the force damage the connective tissue that transports signals in your body. 

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