All You Need to Know About Pediatric Chiropractic Treatment

Do you have a little one that needs some extra care? For example, do they scream when they wake up or struggle to fall asleep at night? Have you noticed them limping after playing too hard outside? If these are happening to your kiddos, it might be time to consider getting them checked by a pediatric chiropractor.

As parents, you want what's best for your children, and it’s also your responsibility to make decisions for them. It includes what they eat, how much time they spend playing video games or watching TV, and if they should receive chiropractic care for their health issues. Pediatric chiropractic therapy can help treat many common childhood ailments from ear infections, asthma, allergies, colic or reflux to bedwetting or constipation. 

Pediatric chiropractic care is safe for babies and older kids because they use gentle adjustments rather than forceful manipulations. Moreover, pediatric chiropractors are specially trained to understand the needs of children, including what's appropriate for them at different stages of development. With that, this article will discuss all you need to know about pediatric chiropractic treatment that can help realign your kids' spines so they can live their lives comfortably without continual discomfort.

Why Consider Pediatric Chiropractic For Your Child’s Health 

It's important to take care of the health and wellness of your child. That is why chiropractic treatment for children has become a growing trend in recent years. Chiropractors specialize in treating spine problems that can help reduce pain and discomfort, improve sleep, provide relief from headaches and other symptoms related to stress on the body.

Moreover, children are often more flexible than adults, making them ideal candidates for spinal adjustments with minimal discomfort and side effects. The experienced chiropractor will also be able to teach you how you can do these simple treatments at home on your baby using infant massage techniques like swaddling, holding them upright after feeding or changing their diaper, and many others. 

Having a healthy body is important for growing children. From the first day of life, your kids' spine and nervous system are developing. To maximize the physical growth potential, they need proper alignment in the spine and nervous system. When these systems aren't aligned properly, health issues can arise that will affect your child's development and quality of life.

Pediatric Chiropractor Helps with Childhood Ailments

As a parent, you have to ensure the health and well-being of your child. One way to do this is by seeking out qualified pediatric chiropractors who can help you identify any underlying symptoms and issues that may be causing pain or discomfort for them. In addition, pediatric chiropractic care is a gentle, drug-free way to help your child achieve better health.

A pediatric chiropractor can detect and address any vertebral subluxations that may have occurred in the womb or during delivery. It allows for the proper development of the nervous system that controls everything from breathing to walking. Moreover, ear infections, asthma, and colic are three common ailments that usually affect children. However, you might find it hard to know how to help your baby when struggling with these ailments. But with the proper care, these conditions can be lessened or eliminated, and one way to do this is with a pediatric chiropractor.

A pediatric chiropractor specializes in providing gentle adjustments to a baby's spine and bones to promote healing and restore balance. This type of care may help relieve pain from ear infections by improving drainage of fluid from the ears and reducing inflammation associated with asthma and colic due to an improved nervous system response, which helps regulate airways and organ function.

Moreover, parents are often in a constant state of worry about their children, and rightfully so. From the moment they first arrive, parents don't stop worrying until they're grown adults with kids of their own. Chiropractic care can help you, as a parent, from the very beginning by providing an extra level of support to your newborn for those times when it's not possible to hold them or comfort them. 

Treating ADHD or Autism Spectrum Disorder

I'm sure you've seen the commercials for medical professionals who specialize in helping children with ADHD or autism. They become famous and get a lot of media attention because they are usually expensive and have limited availability. However, chiropractors have been treating kids with these conditions for years, but most people don't know about them. 

The number of children with autism and ADHD continues to increase, which is very frustrating for parents. These children take in food, air, water, and other substances (like toxins) throughout the day, which can affect them physically and emotionally. When these aren’t processed properly, it can lead to symptoms like ADHD or autism. 

Good thing that a chiropractic adjustment helps remove blockages so that everything is functioning well again. As mentioned earlier, many people don't know that chiropractors are professionals at treating these conditions. They often develop a treatment plan of adjustments, exercises, nutrition guidance, and other therapies, which can help heal the body and brain from the inside out.

Chiropractic care aligns the spine and nervous system, which allows for more fluid communication between the brain and body. This improved communication means that the child's symptoms will improve as well. 

Moreover, children with ADHD or autism are often more sensitive to pain than those without these conditions. Therefore, these children need their spines adjusted frequently to keep them comfortable and focus on the tasks at hand. Chiropractors are experts at treating the spine and can provide a perfect solution for your child's needs. Hence, chiropractic care is an excellent alternative treatment. It's non-invasive, doesn't have any side effects, and has been proven to work. 

If you have a child who needs this treatment, you can reach out to Dr. Cody Capelto of in Austin, Texas. He is one of the popular chiropractors in the state who can provide you with outstanding pediatric chiropractic care for your children. 

The Difference Between Pediatrician and Pediatric Chiropractor 

Childhood is a time of rapid development, which means that it's also a time when children are most vulnerable. When they experience sudden trauma to the neck or back or their spine is out of alignment, the consequences can be severe. Unfortunately, with your busy lives, you often don't take the time to think about how these things might affect your kids and what you can do to help them feel better more quickly.

In most cases, some parents don’t know the difference between a pediatrician and a pediatric chiropractor. Pediatricians are medical doctors who specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of children. They can either be an M.D., D.O., or D.P.M (Doctor of Pediatric Medicine). The pediatricians’ main goal is to help your child grow up healthy and strong. Besides that, they also prescribe medications or other treatments for their patients, perform surgery, and even diagnose illnesses. 

On the other hand, a pediatric chiropractor treats problems related to the alignment and movement of your child's spine as well as their nervous system. Kids often suffer from back problems as they grow up because of the weight of their heavy head and the constant bending over to pick things up off the ground. In this case, the help of a pediatric chiropractor is all you need. 

As a parent, it’s been a challenge to find the right pediatrician for your child. Hence, you have to find someone who is knowledgeable and expert at providing an adequate level of attention when needed. You may have been told by friends or family members about their experiences with chiropractors in general or their specific experience with a pediatric chiropractor. So, why don't you take the opportunity to learn more? Always make an informed decision about which one might be best for your family, especially for your kids. Indeed, when it comes to your kids' health, you want them to be in good hands.


Once your son is old enough to walk, a pediatric chiropractor can help make sure he has a healthy spine and core throughout childhood through adolescence into adulthood. With proper care, his muscles will grow stronger and healthier each year.

Parents want to do what's best for their children. When it comes to kids and pain relief, parents have a variety of options. Many doctors prescribe medication with side effects such as nausea, vomiting, dizziness, constipation, stomach upset, or sleepiness that could affect the child's ability to go about his or her day. In addition to these side effects, there are also risks associated with taking prescription medications too often, leading to addiction and dependency. For many families, chiropractic care provides an alternative way of treating minor aches and pains without harsh side effects.

As mentioned above, pediatric chiropractic care is a type of alternative treatment that's an effective way for children (as well as adults) to manage pain. Chiropractors are specially trained health care professionals who can offer relief from back, neck, and joint pain through gentle adjustments that help the body's nervous system function properly. Hence, if you have a kid who needs pediatric chiropractic care, never have any second thoughts, contact a trusted chiropractor now for help. 

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