Can A Pregnant Woman Get Chiropractic Treatment?

Can A Pregnant Woman Get Chiropractic Treatment?

If you are pregnant and experiencing back pain, chiropractic care can be the answer to your pregnancy woes. Not only does it help with typical pregnancy pains like sciatica, but it also helps to alleviate joint stress and discomfort that may lead to a spontaneous miscarriage. 

Chiropractors provide adjustments to help align the spine, reducing or reducing lower back pain in moms-to-be. Chiropractor treatment is safe for both mommy and baby because there is no risk of anesthesia or surgery. 

To find out if your doctor offers this service by asking about chiropractic care during your next prenatal visit.

Aches and pains are common for pregnant women; that is why they feel stress during their pregnancy. They do not need to suffer anymore with chiropractic care. It is safe, effective, and beneficial for their body.

Pregnant women commonly encounter lower back pain, as well as irritable feelings about their bodies. More than 75 percent of women experience this kind of situation before their labor or delivery, based on statistics. Fortunately, you can now use different methods in reducing pain and stress through pregnancy chiropractic care. Here are the things that you need to know and understand about this fantastic method. 

What is Chiropractic Care?

Chiropractic care is maintenance that allows your spinal column, bones, disc, and related nerve to stay healthy. It is safe, clinically approved, and most doctors recommend this procedure. You also do not need to undergo lengthy and painful surgery to reduce and experience healthy delivery. It combines the art and science of aligning and adjusting the joints and bones in your body and adapting it to draw it back to its proper places. This process allows you to reduce nerve stress throughout your body. It promotes health and improves your overall being. 

Is Chiropractic Care Safe?

There are more than one million chiropractic adjustment sessions all over the world every day. Given this numerical data, you cannot find any case indicating the irregularities or implications. Meaning, during pregnancy, you can assume that it is safe. To help you be at ease, you can consult your doctor and ob-gyn for consultation or advice. 

Chiropractic care is usually a safe and effective approach during pregnancy. When you receive routine chiropractic care, you will be able to find relief from pain in your back, hips, and joints, and most significantly, you can develop pelvic balance. Also, it can provide your baby enough space as possible throughout your pregnancy, resulting in faster, more comfortable labor and delivery.

Who Performs Chiropractic Care?

Trust is difficult to gain, especially if you relate it to the health of your loved ones. That is why individuals who practice chiropractic care trained and undergo various upskills before helping and assisting pregnant women. A trained professional who conducts and practices chiropractic care is called a chiropractor. 

Chiropractors are trained, and they work with pregnant women to assist their needs. They undergo training depending on what areas they specialized in. They receive a diploma fully registered in health institutions indicating that they achieved the highest level of advanced training. You can ask for their certification in case you are in doubt. It would also be best to ask your doctor for recommendations.

A chiropractor assists the needs of pregnant women. They provide stretches and exercises that are safe and beneficial during pregnancy. They aim to improve the wellness of pregnant women and develop their fertility process by conducting routine care. They use specific techniques, combining them with careful movements to avoid and minimize unneeded pressure. The exercise and stretches guides improve your overall being, as well as your fertility. 

Some chiropractors also offer care during labor and birth, giving mothers an extraordinary chance to receive support during this sacred time. Given that the joints are so relaxed to help the baby come out, it will be easier for things to go wrong. Hence, being adjusted during labor can allow for easier progress and help the baby get into the best position to come earthside.

Why is Chiropractic Care Beneficial for pregnant women?

There are many hormonal and physical changes a woman can experience during pregnancy. Pregnant women experience various endocrinological and physiological changes in their bodies. Most of these changes affect posture and comfort. Their body is adjusting and preparing the home or environment for developing the baby. As the baby grows and becomes heavier, the center of gravity shifts and the posture follows accordingly. This occurrence leads to misalignment of the spine and joint known as intrauterine constraint. It makes the pregnancy process stressful and painful. It can even result in complications and difficulty in delivery. 

The pregnancy process transforms your body. Common changes are increased in the back curve protruding abdomen. It is also notable that pregnant women pelvic changes and undergo postural adaptations. 

The primary problem is the misalignment of the pelvic. Pelvic plays an essential role because it serves as the environment or home of the baby. However, having chiropractic care establishes a balance in the pelvic. As you undergo specific exercise and stretches, it enlarges the baby’s room, making it easy for you and the baby to move and develop.

Regular visits to a chiropractor during pregnancy can help a woman address these certain issues. A study reveals that 75 percent of pregnant patients have found relief after they received chiropractic care. Simultaneously, the ability to adjust, resulting in a more balanced and aligned pelvis and spine, added more to the feeling of getting better. A pelvis that is out of alignment can restrict the space available to the growing baby. Chiropractic care benefits the baby, as when an external force obstructs your developing baby’s regular movements called intrauterine constraint. Ignoring it may lead to congenital disabilities.

Additional benefits that a pregnant woman can get from getting regular chiropractic care are:

  • ability to maintain a healthier and comfortable pregnancy.
  • Ability to find relief from pain in the back, neck, hips, and joints.
  • Ability to help control symptoms of nausea.

What are the Advantages of Chiropractic Care?

A mother is known as one of the powerful beings in the world. They can conceive and deliver a baby, given the painful and stressful process. Notably, pregnant women are strong, considering the extreme pain during their pregnancy. A specialist understands this situation; that is why chiropractic care exists. It is guaranteed safe and beneficial to pregnant women. Here are the notable benefits of this procedure.

  1. It helps pregnant women maintain a healthy pregnancy by ensuring that you and their baby are safe and sound. It also allows you to move quickly and comfortably.
  2. It controls and reduces nausea symptoms, especially if you are sensitive or carrying your first child. 
  3. It reduces the pain of labor. Chiropractic care helps pregnant women deliver safely and efficiently. 
  4. This procedure also reduces neck, joint, and back pain. 
  5. It lowers the risk of complications and prevents cesarean delivery. In chiropractic care, they help pregnant women regulate their bodies and maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

What are the Things that Chiropractic Care Improves During Pregnancy?

Pregnant women experience pelvic pain, back pain, or a painful combination of the two. It is one of the stressful events that you can participate in as a woman - the pregnancy process. However, there is a solution that is drug-free, safe, and effective. Through chiropractic care, it helps a pregnant woman to surpass the beautiful suffering. 

It lessens lower back pain. Due to the stress on the spine, pregnant women experience low back pain as the compensatory muscles become tight concerning their work and the baby’s development. In chiropractic care, they help you stretch and exercise to regulate and adapt to changes. It also reduces sciatic nerve pain. The pain that revolves around your hips, too, your lower back, is known as sciatica. The hypertonicity in the muscle is irritated, causing severe pain. 

Chiropractic care regulates your body, where it also reduces the extreme hormonal changes caused by ligament laxity. It stabilizes your body to lessen sacroiliac pain. It also mobilizes the hormones making them relax and help them move comfortably.

Although it is safe for a woman to visit a chiropractor during her pregnancy, there are some things that she should take note of before she sees a chiropractor. A pregnant woman should not receive chiropractic care if she is experiencing vaginal bleeding, cramping, ruptured amniotic membranes, sudden onset of pelvic pain, ectopic pregnancy, premature labor, placenta abruption, placenta previa, and moderate to severe toxemia.

Final Thoughts

Pregnancy may seem simple, yet most women suffer from pain during this process. It is notable that through chiropractic care, their suffering lessens. It helps their body to move and the baby to develop in a safe and comfortable environment. Pregnant women also need to undergo various painkillers to reduce pain; instead, chiropractors help them regulate their bodies. 

There are hundreds of different chiropractic techniques out there. As a pregnant woman, you should look for a chiropractor who is experienced in the field. Chiropractors use a process specific to pregnant women that address the pelvis, such as checking the bones, muscles, and ligaments to ensure it is aligned to create maximum space for the baby to develop properly.

If you want to help your partner or loved ones, engaging in chiropractic care from Dr. Cody Capeloto can be a great option. It is safe, effective, drug-free, and allows them to enjoy one of the most significant milestones in their life. 

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