"This places has totally changed my life! that isn’t an exaggeration at all! having horrible headaches since i can remember and now i’ve been headache and pain free since i started going over two years ago! the doctors are extremely kind, wise, and helpful! they are amazing and i truly recommend going to see them! now o have a 100% healthy 2 month old baby who even gets adjusted by them! if you’re on the fence about going - go!"
Christin Hume
"Absolutely love the commitment of these doctors to their patients! Thank you!"
Sandie McCuiston
"Fun, friendly atmosphere. Getting healthy from people who care about people."
Win Cristobal
"I’ve suffered from vertigo for 22 years and I’m getting breakthrough for the first time!"
Ben George
"I highly recommend River City Wellness. I’ve been coming for two years now and have already seen my upper back pain completely leave and I feel the healthiest I have ever felt in my life. I also got adjusted all throughout my pregnancy and still come weekly with my new born son who is 14weeks! They take such great care of you and I always leave feeling championed in taking care of my body. The staff are also so kind there and always feel very genuine to be around. Dr. Peter and Dr. Cody are very good at what they do! I was very scared of chiropractors since I was young, but since going to them I now feel totally at ease every time I’m there and feel that they truly want to see me succeed in long term health. You won’t regret going to their office for adjustments!"
Jenessa Wait
"I can always count on the doctors getting me out of pain!! I never believed in Chiropractic care until I met them!!! Absolutely the best chiropractors I have ever seen!! Thank you for your excellent care!!"
Michelle B.
"Dr. Peters was the most kindest and caring chiropractor I have ever worked with before. He has great beside manner and called me to see how was feeling. I was sore, but not in as much pain and I am so grateful for the experience and the faciity is clean and friendly. I would highly recommend this place to anyone who suffers with back pain they definetly have a great vibe and very holistic approach to getting better."
Yvonne G.
"My 3 kids and I love our weekly chiropractor appointments. Not only are the adjustments amazing and targeted toward each one of our needs, but the staff are SO kind! Rachel and Hannah brighten my day with their genuine concern and compassion. Thank you all for being so wonderful!"

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