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Our professional seminars and training sessions for chiropractic doctors and students support continued elevation of the profession. Our community and patient workshops teach you how to balance your health naturally.

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Max Mind Workshop: Neuroplasticity and the Science of Breakthrough

The River City Wellness Docs will address the action step to rewire your brain in order to improve relationships with others, time and stress management, and building healthy sleeping habits. We’ll help you create new lifestyle habits that support healthy brain function, good mental health, and neurological nutrients. Working on all of these facets of

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Exercise Physiology Workshop-Are your workouts making you fat?

The summer is peak diet and exercise season, but did you know that conventional exercise plans can actually promote weight gain? This summer, make a choice that will help you look great now while enabling you to achieve a more active, fulfilling life. Our doctors will teach you an innovative exercise program that takes minutes

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